Sergio Tenenbaum Papers

Work in Progress (email me if you would like to see a draft of any of these papers):
''Why All Practical Truth is Theoretical''

Published or Forthcoming (if you cannot access items behind a paywall, please email me for a copy of the paper):

  1. On Self-Governance Over Time Inquiry, forthcoming.

  2. Cullity on the Foundations of Morality Philosophy and Phenomenological Reasearch, forthcoming. [preprint version]

  3. Extend Agency and the Problem of Diachronic Autonomy in Carla Bagnoli, Time in Action (with Julia Nefsky), Routledge, forthcoming. [preprint version]

  4. Duality of Motivation and the Guise of the Good in Kant’s Practical Philosophy Philosophical Explorations 24:1, 2021 (special issue "The Modern Guise of the Good'').

  5. Guise of The Good in Ruth Chang and Kurt Sylvan (eds.) Routledge Handbook of Practical Reason, Routledge, 2020. [preprint version]

  6. Directionality and Virtuous Ends: Kant on Our Duties Regarding Animals in L. Allais and J. Callanan, Kant on Animals, Oxford University Press, 2020 (with A. Ripstein). [uncorrected proofs]

  7. Value Disagreement, Action, and Commitment, in Justin Vlasits and Katja Vogt, Epistemology after Sextus Empiricus, Oxford University Press, 2020.

  8. Formalism and Constitutivism in Kantian Practical Philosophy Philosophical Explorations, Special Issue on Constitutivism, 2019.

  9. Reasons and Action Explanation in Daniel Star, Oxford Handbook of Reasons and Normativity, Oxford University Press, 2018, pp. 214-232 (with Benjamin Wald).

  10. Reconsidering Intentions, Noûs 52 (June 2018), pp. 443-472.

  11. The Guise of the Guise of the Bad Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 21 (special issue on The Guise of the Bad, edited by C. Hasnich and H. Pauer-Studer), 2018, pp. 5-20.

  12. Action, Deontology, and Risk Ethics (April 2017): 674-707.

  13. Representing Collective Agency, Philosophical Studies 17(2), December 2015, pp. 379-386.

  14. Moral Faith and Moral Reason in T. Chappell, Intuition, Theory, and Anti-Theory, Oxford University Press, 2015.

  15. Acting and Satisficing in Legal Normativity and the Philosophy of Practical Reason, edited by Georgios Pavlakos and Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, Cambridge University Press, 2015

  16. The Perils of Earnest Consequentializing, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 88, January 2014, pp. 233-240

  17. Minimalism About Action: A Modest Defence Inquiry (Special Issue on Choice Over Time), 57, April 2014, pp. 384-411

  18. Guise of the Good, International Encyclopedia of Ethics, edited by Hugh LaFollette, Wiley Blackwell, 2013 (online), pp 1-9.

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  24. Review of Christine Korsgaard's Self-Constitution: Agency, Identity and Integrity, Ethics 121: 449-455, 2011.

  25. Good and Good For, in Sergio Tenenbaum (ed.), Desire, Practical Reason, and the Good. Oxford University Press, 2010, 202- 233.

  26. The Vice of Procrastination in Chrisoula Andreou and Mark White (eds.), The Thief of Time, Oxford University Press, 2010, 130-150.

  27. In Defense of ‘Appearances: A Reply to Clark, Schueler, and Tappolet, Dialogue, v. 48, 2009, pp. 411- 421.

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